Be A Beacon For Free Speech

Ego Kills Love - Tee

    You’re not just buying Clothing.
    You’re buying Spiritual Stock in a Movement.
    The TRUTH… and Nothing But.
    Doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, where you’re from, where you’ve been, or where you’re going…
    The TRUTH… and Nothing But….
    No Matter What.
    Birthplace of the Truther.
    Hometown of Truther Nation.
    Ma and Pop. Straight out the Casa.
    AntiWoke. AntiBS. AntiBigBiz.
    Indie and Unafraid.
    We are Truther Nation.
    Rise Up Truther Nation!

    Proclamations of a Malcontent Tees 
  • Say Without Saying.

    Hate Speech Tees 
  • Free Thought Is Boundless.

    Barrio Banter Tees 
  • This clothing/messaging brand symbolizes the commencement of the Truth Movement. This is for the Others.
    For those forgotten. For those downtrodden and overlooked. For those cast aside, out of the public eye. Our Lives matter, too.
    This is for the Truthers. A congregation of Truth seekers, and Truth tellers.
    Logos over Pathos. Logic over Emotion.
    A nation of Truth, brooding within a nation of Lies.
    Truther Nation stand up and stand resolute in your purpose, worth, and conviction. It is time that we are heard and seen.
    This is a resistance to the Fake and Phony... to the Pretentious and Fabricated.
    This is for our wilting and almost non-existent Free Thought, and our wounded and moribund Free Speech.
    We don’t care what side you’re on.
    We don’t care about your BS politics.
    All we want to know is: Do you see through the surrounding facades and propaganda, so we - the Human Race - can start making some real Progress? The Progress of One... Progress from Within.
    Truther Nation, it’s time to save Truth from it’s impending doom. And, if Truth is already dead, it’s up to US to resuscitate it.
    Resist thought manipulation!
    Long live the uninfluenced unadulterated Truth!